Vegan Seed Lovin’ Protein “Powder”

Recipe by Aine Davis


10437722_10154231366760133_3106191900164567161_n“You’re vegan? But where do you get your protein?”

I am the complete opposite of a morning person and heavily rely on coffee to get me through the workday. I wish caffeine could cure all, but sometimes a more sustainable energy source is needed! We’ve found a delicious way to sneak some protein into your morning routine.

Here’s a simple protein “powder” recipe that you can make in bulk, store in your pantry, and use scoop-by-scoop as needed:


  • Hemp hearts
  • Flaxseed
  • Chia seeds
  • Soy, almond, or other nut milk of your choice
  • Vanilla extract (for taste)


1) Using a blender, combine equal parts of all dry ingredients. Store in airtight container.

2) Add 1 tbsp protein mix to 1 medium-sized glass of nut milk with dash of vanilla extract. Stir and drink immediately.

Barista Hack: Want an additional boost? Add a shot of espresso.

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