Real Brewed Moments with Pure Leaf Iced Tea

Review by Megan Stulberg 


I drank 6 bottles of Pure Leaf real brewed tea in 24 hours, and lived to tell the tale! Seriously though. I decided to start taking photos for this blog post on Sunday, and it was super humid that day so I drank them all in a row without thinking twice about it. So having all of these bottles on hand was basically a lifesaver. I stayed hydrated and realized how easily these teas can be incorporated into every day life at the same time.


Here’s a breakdown of what my Sunday with Pure Leaf looked like.

Bottle one, 10am: I chugged a bottle of peach tea back before running off to a barre exercise class.

Bottle two and three, 1pm: Two bottles of Pure Leaf green tea with honey were chugged back with lunch (a bunch of yummy take-out avocado sushi, my favourite).


Bottle four, 2pm: I brought an unsweetened lemon Pure Leaf tea with me on a little adventure. And by that, I mean to run errands. And by THAT, I mean going to the grocery store to buy garbage bags. Very important business but hey, that’s real life for you.

Bottle five, 4pm: Honestly, I took a 30 minute nap because I work like a maniac and needed one. Then I woke up, groggily did a bit of reading (Jack Kerouac gets me right in the feels every time) and enjoyed an unsweetened lemon Pure Leaf tea.

Bottle six, 5pm: I liked the peach tea so much that I saved the 2nd bottle of it for last. I did freelance work from about 5pm onwards until I eventually dragged my sorry butt back to bed. Having a home studio is both a curse and a blessing!


Pure Leaf tea is the perfect addition to my daily routine! I can celebrate real moments with Pure Leaf Iced Tea because it’s real brewed tea, made from real tea leaves. No preservatives or added colour to make me sluggish or stop me from doing all the things I need to check off my to-do list.

For more details about their products, follow Pure Leaf on Instagram at @PureLeafCanada.

*Disclaimer*: This is a sponsored post for Pure Leaf, but all views are my own. For inquiries about sponsored posts, please email and/or  

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